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Comprehensive Caveat Data
Our caveat database contains details such as property type, unit number, storey height and many more.

Comprehensive property listings
Access over 90% property listings including Agent listings, Owner listings, Public listings and Media listings.

IT Solutions
We provide end-to-end business solutions to our clients, eg Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Corporate/Personal Website Development, Business Web Application Development, Application Programming Interface (API) Solutions and etc.

Advertise with us
Extend your business exposure.

Our Products

POWERdesQ is a one-stop website featuring residential, commercial and industrial listings, private property transactions, market analysis, real estate news and many more. Subscribers will find this website an excellent tool to expose their listings to the public. It can be accessed conveniently anywhere as it is fully compatible with all devices. Find out more at www.powerdesq.com
Nation Property
nationproperty.sg was designed with the purpose of being a one-stop property information portal to enrich buyers and sellers on real estate information and analyses of the Singapore property market. The end goal is to build a leading public engine which delivers more convenience and benefits to the public on real estate matters and transactions, and for the portal to be exposed to the international market. Find out more at www.nationproperty.sg

About Us

SISV Services Pte Ltd was incorporated in September 1990 as a wholly-owned subsidiary and commercial arm of the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV) with the objective of enhancing and upgrading the local real estate profession, through provision of timely and relevant real estate data, Real estate education, and assist the real estate firms in the application of IT to their business.

SISV is the premier national body representing professional surveyors, valuers, property managers and real estate agents in Singapore, following a merger between the Singapore Institute of Surveyors (established in 1968, a former Singapore branch of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) and the Singapore Institute of Valuers (established in 1962) on 1 April 1982.

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